Spanish MPs all receive Bitcoin (BTC) – Weird com‘ campaign… or flop?

One symbolic euro – A week after the „Bitcoin for Congress“ operation in the United States, it is Spain’s turn to be the scene of a similar initiative.

This time, however, it was not 50 dollars in BTC, but a simple euro in BTC that was distributed to the deputies. One wonders what they are going to do with it?

A symbolic euro

Last weekend, the 350 Spanish deputies were surprised to receive an email containing the equivalent of 1 euro in bitcoin.

At the origin of this operation, we find Tutellus, an educational platform specialized in blockchains and the Blockchain Observatory. The latter have declared to the local media ABC that they want to underline to the deputies „the important role of cryptomoney today“.

„It is likely that some of our leaders already have some experience in the use of encryption. However, we would like those who are not yet familiar with them to have the opportunity to become so. „Miguel Caballero, founder of Tutellus.

This is an interesting initiative, especially considering that Spain is one of the European countries with the highest adoption of cryptomoney. Indeed, the study „How Common is Crypto? „study by Katharina Buchholz revealed that 10% of the Spanish people questioned had already owned or used cryptosystems.

An operation pumped on the U.S., but which lacks meaning

This operation does not come out of nowhere. It comes only a week after a similar initiative in the United States called „Bitcoin for Congress“. Thus, the equivalent of $50 in cryptomoney was distributed to U.S. Congressmen, with the same desire to educate decision-makers about these new technologies.

In view of the American initiative, the Spanish operation is starting to look like a bad publicity stunt. Although the operation emphasizes the will to „familiarize the MPs“ with the cryptosystems, in practice, they will have a hard time using their (unique) Bitcoin euro.

Indeed, the amount distributed does not even cover the average transaction fee that an unwary newcomer would pay using a consumer wallet, currently around 2 dollars, according to Bitinfochart data.

Com‘ campaign or real will to democratize cryptomoney? The objective of the initiative is still unclear. Let’s hope, however, that it will not have negative consequences on MPs!

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