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En halv milliard mennesker hadde nettopp lekket Facebook-dataene sine

Lekkert informasjon inkluderer telefonnummer, Facebook ID, fullt navn, sted, tidligere steder, fødselsdato, e-postadresse, forholdsstatus og bio.

I følge en sikkerhetsanalytiker ble sensitiv personlig informasjon for over en halv milliard Facebook-brukere lekket på et godt trafikkert hackingsforum tidligere i dag – en potensiell risiko for millioner av kryptovalutahandlere og hodlers som nå kan være sårbare for sim-bytte og annen identitets- baserte angrep.

Informasjonskilden ble først oppdaget av Alon Gal, CTO i sikkerhetsfirma Hudson Rock, som postet på Twitter om lekkasjen tidligere i dag:

Ifølge Gal er lekkasjen relatert til et sikkerhetsproblem som først ble oppdaget i 2019. I januar 2021 ble det kjent at hackere klarte å bruke informasjonen til å få tilgang til brukerens telefonnumre; lekkasjen har nå utvidet seg til å omfatte „Telefonnummer, Facebook ID, Fullt navn, Plassering, Tidligere Sted, Fødselsdato, (Noen ganger) E-postadresse, Kontoopprettelsesdato, Forholdsstatus, Bio.“

Ifølge Gal kan informasjonen nå gjøre det mulig for hackere og svindlere å distribuere en rekke sosiale manipulasjonsutnyttelser og andre nefarioustaktics:

„Dårlige skuespillere vil absolutt bruke informasjonen til sosial engineering, svindel, hacking og markedsføring.“

Brukere av kryptovaluta har særlig risiko for slike angrep. Tidligere i år saksøkte et offer for et sim-swapping-angrep mobiltelefonselskapet T-Mobile for $ 450.000 , og i 2018 fant Kaspersky Labs at hackere var i stand til å stjele 21.000 ETH , for tiden verdt over $ 43 millioner, i sosialtekniske angrep over en 12 -månedersperiode.

Databruddet er også størrelsesorden større enn Ledger-bruddet sent i fjor. Rett etter at over 270.000 brukeres informasjon ble lekket på nettet, rapporterte brukerne om utpressingstrusler, og vurderte søksmål mot maskinvarepungeselskapet.

Novas opções lançadas pela Freewallet

1º de abril de 2021 – Freewallet tem o prazer de anunciar o lançamento de novas opções e campanhas para seus clientes. Março de 2021 marcou o lançamento de novos recursos e atualizações para o público do Freewallet, uma marca popular para a família de aplicativos móveis de criptomoeda e a versão da web para desktop. No próximo mês, o Freewallet fará a campanha para compradores de cartões-presente. Mais informações serão publicadas em seu blog:

Integração Apple Pay

Por meio de uma parceria com seus provedores de serviços Simplex e Moonpay, a carteira há muito é conhecida como a plataforma para a compra de mais de 40 criptomoedas com Visa e Mastercard. Buscando estender o escopo das opções de pagamento, o Freewallet lançou o recurso Apple Pay para usuários do iPhone. Quando os compradores de moedas criptográficas chegam ao caixa, eles podem escolher o Apple Pay sem precisar preencher manualmente os detalhes do cartão.

Moeda BTCV no Freewallet

Freewallet visa expandir continuamente a gama de moedas suportadas. Atualmente, esta lista tem mais de 50 moedas e mais de 400 tokens ERC-20. Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) juntou-se a esta lista, bem como a lista de ativos permutáveis. A plataforma BTCV se esforça para manter um ecossistema seguro, consistindo de três elementos. O gerador de três chaves para a produção de chaves privadas exclusivas é um desses elementos de construção.

Mais de 1.000 vales-presente

Além de seus recursos principais, o Freewallet oferece uma escolha impressionante de cartões-presente de lojas online globais. Com a atualização recente, o número total ultrapassou 1.000. Em particular, mais de 180 marcas de cartões-presente foram adicionadas para Austrália, Polônia, Suíça, Rússia e muitos mais. Novas lojas e países também estão a caminho. Para permitir que mais clientes apreciem essa melhoria, o Freewallet fará uma campanha especial para compradores de cartões-presente. A empresa anunciará mais informações a partir de 1º de abril.

O chefe de relações públicas e comunicações do Freewallet, Solomon Brown, comentou sobre as atualizações recentes:

“Sempre priorizamos a melhoria da escolha de nossos clientes em relação às moedas disponíveis, opções de pagamento e recursos adicionais. Acompanhe nossas comunidades nas redes sociais e fique por dentro das últimas novidades da empresa. ”

Sobre Freewallet

O Freewallet é uma carteira criptografada que atende a mais de 3 milhões de usuários desde seu início em 2016. A carteira permite enviar, receber e trocar serviços por mais de 50 moedas e centenas de tokens ERC-20.

Wrapped Monero launches as some exchanges crack down on privacy coins

A wrapped version of the XMR privacy currency was released on the Ethereum network.

BTSE cryptomoney custodian has launched an ERC-20 token representing Monero (XMR) in the Ethereum block chain, giving investors a new privacy-focused exposure to the currency.

Represented by the trading symbol WXMR, Wrapped Monero is intended to provide greater liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem. The new asset is fully backed by Monero on a one-to-one basis and is insured by BTSE.

In a press release shared with Cointelegraph, BTSE said that WXMR „gives Monero holders more flexibility to use their tokens without having to sell them for Ethereum or stable currencies, in order to access the many exciting opportunities in the DeFi universe.

Monero represents one of the most compelling use cases of cryptomonies, and its proponents believe that XMR meets one of the primary tenants of decentralized networks: privacy guarantees.

While governments have consistently adopted digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), they have been much more critical of privacy currencies profit secret such as XMR and Zcash. Tired of know-your-customer protocols and anti-money laundering regulations, exchanges have eliminated privacy coins to ensure they don’t violate the law.

Recently, Bittrex became the latest high-profile exchange to eliminate privacy coins, including XMR.

In this regard, BTSE says that Monero’s greatest strength – robust privacy features – is sometimes seen as a disadvantage. By maintaining Wrapped Monero, users can provide the transparency needed to meet the KYC/AML requirements that are becoming increasingly pervasive in cryptomoney trading.

If the wrapped version of Bitcoin is an indication, Monero could get a boost from WXMR. Wrapped Bitcoin, or WBTC, allows people to use BTC as collateral in the Ethereum block chain, a movement that has driven the rise of DeFi.

In the case of WBTC, there has been a greater flow of DeFi at the price of Bitcoin, according to Sam Bankman-Fried of Alameda Research. It remains to be seen whether a similar continuous flow will benefit the value of XMR.

XRP Investors Take Legal Action Over SEC Charges

XRP investors have filed a petition against the SEC citing irreparable harm.

The petitioners believe the SEC is not looking out for the best interests of investors by declaring XRP to be a security.

The value of XRP has fallen by more than 50% since the SEC brought charges against Ripple Labs and two of its executives.

For almost every common cryptocurrency available in the market, 2020 has been a big year. For the most part, 2021 looks very promising, but XRP is not.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially tasked Ripple Labs and two of its executives with selling more than $ 1 billion in unregistered securities. Today, former investors are suing the SEC in turn. It appears that XRP holders do not approve of the token being labeled as a security by the SEC and therefore are suing the government for the harm caused to them by these charges.

What does their legal action involve?

XRP investors who filed the petition say the SEC is not doing its best to protect U.S. investors . These investors argue in the first bullet that stating that XRP is a security is in fact serving the interests of investors. This result is the opposite of what the SEC claims to do.

In its second point, the petition states:

As chairman of the SEC, it was Jay Clayton (Clayton’s) fiduciary duty to uphold the SEC’s mission statement. Instead of protecting investors and sharing information to help them make informed decisions, the defendant knowingly and intentionally caused losses of billions of dollars to innocent investors who bought, traded, received and / or acquired the XRP digital asset, including named plaintiffs, and all others in a similar situation.

Complainants say the SEC has had nearly seven years to make an official statement or work with Ripple Lab and its executives. This delay, they say, was more than enough time for the government to act. In their eyes, it is unfair that the SEC is making these accusations now. Worse yet, this action cost investors billions of dollars in “unnecessary” losses.

The petition also claims that Jay Clayton, the head of the SEC, acted for improper motives and subjected Ripple Labs and XRP to irreparable harm. They point out that the SEC considers Bitcoin and Ether not to be securities, and argue that the same is true for XRP. They thus believe that the SEC should consider the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization (now fourth according to Coin Gecko, a cryptocurrency market capitalization aggregator) as not being a security. In addition, they cite the use of XRP as „currency“ with over 150 applications and commercial consumption.

What is XRP?

XRP is the cryptocurrency created by Ripple, an enterprise blockchain platform intended to facilitate payments and fund transfers. The Ripple network claims to be able to conduct international transactions instantly for a fraction of the cost of the traditional money transfer system.

Until recently, Ripple has partnered with many banks. XRP was listed on almost every cryptocurrency exchange before the charges were brought against Ripple. Following this announcement, many partners and exchanges suspended their services until everything was legally settled with Ripple.

He who laughs last, laughs best – investment experts advise Bitcoin investors to stay long

Mark Yusko sees long-term Bitcoin HODLers clearly at an advantage over short-term speculators.

Intent and time horizon are the two key parameters that determine whether or not investors will succeed in their Bitcoin ( BTC ) investment .

At least that’s what crypto pioneer Mark Yusko thinks

Yusko, who is the executive director of asset management company Morgan Creek Capital Management, made this statement yesterday, Friday, in the context of the recent waves of negative headlines about the cryptocurrency. In several tweets , the investment expert says that the financial industry has good reason to defend itself against the disruptive power of Bitcoin, which is why every means is right to prevent the adoption of the crypto currency.

Accordingly, it would be only natural for the financial industry to “create barriers to adoption and innovation,” says Yusko. And further:

„When the long-time residents are threatened, they try to influence governments to slow down the adoption of new technologies through strict regulation.“

However, this „has repeatedly turned out to be a bad strategy throughout history

Speculators who are out for a quick profit and therefore only invest in Bitcoin for a short time can continue to influence the price of the crypto currency by reacting to negative headlines. They have had more than enough of that in the last few days, because while the Chinese government has confiscated US $ 4.2 billion in crypto assets , new regulations are looming in the US that could be very detrimental to the crypto industry.

Nonetheless, Yusko is convinced that investors with long-term intentions will ultimately be the ones who laugh last as the intrinsic value of Bitcoin continues to prevail.

This is how the investment expert comes to a clear classification:

„Investors are long-term investors who focus on added value, whereas speculators are short-term investors who orientate themselves on the price.“

Bitcoin investors are notorious for their low time preference , which means they are hoping for long-term value instead of making the quick buck. The „long-term added value“ includes not only a considerable increase in value, but rather a fundamental change in the monetary system.

This affinity of Bitcoin investors for holding is reflected in the term „HODLer“. This is derived from the English verb „to hold“, whereby the wrong spelling of the word is intentional. The sharp decline after the strong climb in recent weeks has apparently only strengthened the Bitcoin HODLers in their conviction, because new data show that 61% of the amount of Bitcoin in circulation has not been moved for more than a year, although the chance of profit is currently is as high as rarely.

In the past week, Bitcoin climbed to a new annual high of over 19,200 US dollars. As a result, market capitalization rose to a new record high of $ 352 billion. After crashing violently on Thursday, the price was able to pull back to $ 17,700 at the time of going to press.

Silvergate Bank Q3 Earnings Call Upholds Bullish Trajectory; dochód netto wzrósł o 29% do 7.1 mln dolarów.

Silvergate, Fintech i bank specjalizujący się w produkcji kryptograficznej, poinformował o kolejnym znakomitym kwartale, zgodnie z ostatnim wezwaniem do zapłaty. Statystyki banku Silvergate Bank za III kwartał pokazują, że zyskuje on na większości frontów, szczególnie przy zwiększonej aktywności w Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN). Jak wcześniej informował BEG, platforma ta przekroczyła ostatnio granicę 100 miliardów dolarów w wolumenie transferów.

Co istotne, według raportu Silvergate za III kwartał, w ostatnim kwartale zrealizowano 36 miliardów dolarów z całego wolumenu transferów. Prezes spółki, Alan Lane, przypisał ten wzrost do zwiększonej aktywności i silnych cen aktywów cyfrowych w ostatnim kwartale,

„W trzecim kwartale, Bitcoin i inne waluty cyfrowe odnotowały silną aprecjację cen i aktywne środowisko handlowe, co naszym zdaniem przyczyniło się do wzrostu liczby transakcji dokonywanych na SEN“.

Srebrny medal w trzecim kwartale przełamuje się

Wzrost banku z siedzibą w Kalifornii był dość gwałtowny, a większość z nich można powiązać z rozwijającym się przemysłem kryptograficznym w 2020 roku. Na tej podstawie Silvergate odnotował 29% wzrost zysku netto do 7,1 mln dolarów w porównaniu z poprzednimi 5,5 mln dolarów w drugim kwartale. W porównaniu z trzecim kwartałem roku 2019, w którym zysk netto wyniósł 6,7 mln dolarów, wynik ten również wzrósł rok do roku.

Jeśli chodzi o wzrost rynku, klienci Silvergate mają obecnie ponad 900 klientów, z czego większą część stanowią instytucje. Lane wskazał również, że na rynku jest około 200 potencjalnych klientów, którzy być może wkrótce również znajdą się na jego pokładzie. Przy takim wzroście jest on przekonany, że debiut wagi ciężkiej, takiej jak JP Morgan, nie stanowi zagrożenia dla stabilności i ekspansji Silvergate na rynku. W rzeczywistości Lane uważał, że giełdy są w lepszej sytuacji z większą ilością opcji bankowych,

„Te giełdy naprawdę chcą mieć wielu partnerów bankowych i wiele źródeł płynności… A kiedy wolumen wzrasta w całym ekosystemie i rośnie od innych klientów, obserwujemy ten sam rodzaj wzrostu wolumenu od tych klientów, który podobno jest bankiem JP Morgan“.

Silvergate odnotował również wzrost depozytów swoich klientów; kwota ta wzrosła o 586 mln USD, co oznacza drugi co do wielkości wzrost kwartalny po hossy w 2017 roku. W konsekwencji, przychody z tytułu prowizji wzrosły do 3,3 mln dolarów w III kwartale, co stanowi 40% wzrost w porównaniu do 2,4 mln dolarów przychodów z tytułu prowizji w II kwartale.

Kolejną atrakcją jest usługa kredytowa Silvergate „SEN Leverage“, która odnotowała wzrost o 13 mln dolarów, co daje łączną kwotę zatwierdzeń kredytowych do 35,5 mln dolarów. Lane jest dość optymistycznie nastawiony do tego konkretnego produktu, choć nie ma planów, aby w najbliższym czasie przeskalować Bitcoina,

„Przewidujemy długą ścieżkę wzrostu dla SEN Leverage i z czasem będziemy rozsądnie rozszerzać dostępność kredytów dla naszych klientów“.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $13.6K; 500K ETH Options Pile Up voor december

De prijs van Bitcoin wordt bullish als de handelaren in etheropties een half miljoen ETH-opties verzamelen voor de vervaldatum van december.

Bitcoin (BTC, +1.12%) handelend rond $13.519 vanaf 20:00 UTC (16.00 uur ET). Het verkrijgen van 2.6% over de vorige 24 uur.
Bitcoin’s 24-uurs bereik: $13.105-$13.649
BTC boven zijn 10-dagen en 50-dagen voortschrijdende gemiddelden, een bullish signaal voor markttechnici.

De prijs van bitcoin bewoog zich omhoog Donderdag, die zo hoog gaat zoals $13.649, volgens CoinDesk 20 gegevens, en het regelen rond $13.519 vanaf perstijd.

Lees meer: Bitcoin’s Optiemarkt ziet slechts 6% Kans van $20K voor het einde van het jaar.
Schrijf u in op First Mover, onze dagelijkse nieuwsbrief over de markten.
Door u aan te melden ontvangt u e-mails over CoinDesk producten en gaat u akkoord met onze algemene voorwaarden en privacy policy.

Vaak wanneer andere activaklassen zoals aandelen verkopen, zoals op woensdag, daalt de bitcoin. „Het zou niet de eerste keer zijn dat de prijsactie van bitcoin in lijn met de traditionele markten valt als er een algemene uitverkoop plaatsvindt“, zegt John Willock, CEO van Tritium. „Maar het is ook heel redelijk dat BTC dit niveau van terugtrekking ervaart.“

Toch ging het op donderdag beter met de aandelen, vooral in de Verenigde Staten.

De Nikkei 225 in Azië eindigde de dag met 0,37% op de zorgen over verdere wereldwijde lockdowns van het coronavirus.
De FTSE 100 in Europa gesloten plat, in de rode 0,02% als de Britse regering wordt geconfronteerd met druk om Frankrijk en Duitsland te volgen en coronavirus beperkingen vast te stellen.
In de Verenigde Staten eindigde de S&P 500 de handelsdag met 1,7%, omdat de positieve economische gegevens en de winstrapporten de index een impuls gaven.

Lees meer: FTX lanceert Bitcoin Pairs voor Top Stocks zoals Amazon, Apple en Tesla

Constantin Kogan, partner bij crypto fundd-of-funds BitBull Capital, ziet geen reden waarom ’s werelds oudste cryptocurrency niet hoger kan gaan op de korte termijn. „Bitcoin is op weg naar $13.800 weerstand en 2019 hoogtepunten van alle tijden“, vertelde Kogan aan CoinDesk. „Het zou $13.800 kunnen breken.“

Als we een blik werpen op de bitcoin-termijnmarkt, is de open belangstelling gestegen, tot een niveau dat we sinds augustus niet meer hebben gezien.

„Wij zijn bijna bij nieuwe hoogtepunten voor open rente voor alle BTC-toekomstigheden – $5.4 miljard op dit ogenblik,“ nam nota van Jason Lau, belangrijkste werkende ambtenaar voor in San Francisco-Gebaseerde cryptocurrencyuitwisseling OKCoin. „Met veel nieuwe posities die worden geopend, suggereert het dat de markt nog steeds bullish is tegen deze prijzen,“ voegde Lau eraan toe.

„Dat gezegd hebbende, er is een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid orderportefeuille ‚vraagt‘ in de $14.000 regio voor bitcoin,“ zei Lau. „Bitcoin zou wekelijks of maandelijks boven dat niveau moeten sluiten om te bevestigen dat het fungeert als ondersteuning.“
Ether opties in december stapelen zich op

De tweede-grootste cryptocurrency door marktkapitalisatie, ether was omhoog Woensdag handel rond $389 en het beklimmen van 1.1% in 24 uren vanaf 20:00 UTC (4:00 p.m. ET).

De hoeveelheid open rente op etheropties voor de vervaldatum van december raakte 500.000 ETH (ETH, -2.08%), met een waarde van $195.500,00 vanaf de perstijd, aangezien handelaren weddenschappen afsluiten op de dynamiek van het ethernetwerk.

Vishal Shah, een optie-handelaar en oprichter van derivatenbeurs Alpha5, merkte op dat veel weddenschappen op etheropties bearish lijken. „Het lijkt erop dat er een aantal sterke ETH zetten kopen gaan in het einde van het jaar voornamelijk rond het midden van de lage $ 200,“ zei hij. De ,,gegevensaggregator Genesis Volatiliteit toont namelijk stakingen die rond de $200-$280 prijspunten.

„Ik denk dat de mensen om een of andere reden de keerzijde kopen,“ voegde de Sjah eraan toe. „Het gooit zeker water op het verhaal dat Ethereum 2.0 een aanbodschok zou creëren in Ethereum 1.0 als gevolg van de initiële lock-up – misschien is het iets anders, maar het is zeker moeilijk om enige bullish implicaties te verzamelen.“

Alles, was Sie über den Graustufen-Bitcoin-Trust (GBTC) wissen müssen

Der Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hat in den letzten Monaten für Schlagzeilen gesorgt. Hier erfahren Sie, wie es funktioniert und was es für den Kryptoraum bedeutet.

Der Graustufen-Bitcoin-Trust ist ein Finanzinstrument, mit dem Anleger Anteile an Trusts mit großen Bitcoin-Pools handeln können.

Fondsanteile verfolgen den Preis von Bitcoin, jedoch nur grob

Grayscale bietet auch mehrere andere börsengehandelte Produkte an, unter anderem Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash und Litecoin.

Es gibt eine Möglichkeit, direkt an der Börse in Bitcoin zu investieren : den Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) . Es ist eines von mehreren solchen Finanzinstrumenten, die es Anlegern ermöglichen, Anteile an Trusts zu handeln, die große Pools von Bitcoin halten, wobei jede Aktie fast so teuer ist wie Bitcoin .

Ab Oktober 2020 repräsentiert der Grayscale Bitcoin Trust privat investierte Bitcoin-Vermögenswerte in Höhe von 6,5 Milliarden US-Dollar . Grayscale, eine US-amerikanische Krypto-Investmentfirma, die einer der größten Käufer von Bitcoin weltweit ist, hat den Trust im September 2013 ins Leben gerufen. Er wird unter „GBTC“ gehandelt.

Der Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hält laut 456.537 Bitcoin oder 58% der 786.059 Bitcoin, die von börsennotierten Unternehmen gehalten werden .

Der Trust hat aufgrund seines schnellen Wachstums Schlagzeilen gemacht. Am 9. Juni 2020 hielt der Trust 384.953 Bitcoin. Dies entspricht einer Steigerung von rund 70 Bitcoin in viereinhalb Monaten.

Grayscale sorgte 2020 auch mit einer massiven Werbekampagne für eigene Schlagzeilen , die Investitionen in den Trust förderte.

Wusstest du schon?

Grayscale wurde von Barry Silbert gegründet, der auch die Digital Currency Group leitet, eine Crypto Venture Capital-Firma, die in Coinbase, Coindesk und Ripple investiert ist .

Wie funktioniert der Graustufen-Bitcoin-Trust?

Der Graustufen-Bitcoin-Trust funktioniert folgendermaßen:

Anteile des Fonds können entweder mit einem Aufschlag oder einem Abschlag auf den tatsächlichen Preis von Bitcoin gehandelt werden. In der Vergangenheit haben sie fast immer mit einer Prämie gehandelt. Dies sind gute Nachrichten für Grayscale und seine Investoren, die mit dieser Prämie Geld verdienen, aber schlechte Nachrichten für Investoren.

Coinbase Pro kunngjør støtte for DeFis Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) token

Coinbase lanserer støtte for Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Dette følger den nylige lanseringen av andre DeFi-tokens som Uniswap (UNI)

Aktivitetene og håpet i markedet for desentralisert finans ( DeFi ) ser ut til å være treg. Til tross for dette legger kryptovalutautvekslinger fortsatt DeFi-tokens til kundene, til støtte for markedet. I dag har Coinbase Pro, den profesjonelle handelsplattformen til Coinbase, lansert støtte for DeFis Wrapped Bitcoin-token kalt WBTC .

WBTC-handel begynner snart på Coinbase Pro

Etter kunngjøringen debuterte Coinbase Pro med støtte for WBTC-token fra 15. oktober. Derfor kan handelsmenn på plattformen begynne å sette inn sine Wrapped Bitcoins-tokens, selv om handelen er planlagt å starte på et senere tidspunkt. Når tokens innkommende overføring åpnes, er handel planlagt å starte innen tirsdag, det vil si hvis likviditetsforholdene ble oppnådd.

Med tilstrekkelig tilførsel av Bitcoin-token vil Coinbase Pro lansere tokens fiat- og kryptohandelspar – WBTC-USD og WBTC-BTC – i sine ordrebøker. Dette vil angivelig bli utgitt i omtrent fire faser som inkluderer kun overføring, kun post, begrensning og full handel. Kryptohandlere fra Coinbase Pro-støttede regioner kan delta i handelen, bortsett fra kunder i New York.

Coinbase DeFi-tokens

Lanseringen av Wrapped Bitcoin på Coinbase Pro kommer når etterspørselen etter token fortsetter å vokse. Protokollen er for øyeblikket rangert som den tredje største protokollen på DeFi Pulse, med nesten 1,2 milliarder dollar i eiendeler låst. WBTC er i utgangspunktet Ethereum-versjonen av Bitcoin. Det er et ERC-20-token grovt knyttet til Bitcoin i forholdet 1: 1. Gitt forskjellen i Blockchains, ble token opprettet for å gjøre det mulig for Bitcoin-brukere å like samhandle med Ethereum og DeFi for å være presise.

I mellomtiden er Wrapped Bitcoin-token ikke det første desentraliserte finans-tokenet som støttes av børsen. Nylig rullet Coinbase ut støtte for tokens som Maker (MKR), Yearn.Finance (YFI), Compound (COMP), Uniswap (UNI), Balancer (BAL) og mange flere.

Spanish MPs all receive Bitcoin (BTC) – Weird com‘ campaign… or flop?

One symbolic euro – A week after the „Bitcoin for Congress“ operation in the United States, it is Spain’s turn to be the scene of a similar initiative.

This time, however, it was not 50 dollars in BTC, but a simple euro in BTC that was distributed to the deputies. One wonders what they are going to do with it?

A symbolic euro

Last weekend, the 350 Spanish deputies were surprised to receive an email containing the equivalent of 1 euro in bitcoin.

At the origin of this operation, we find Tutellus, an educational platform specialized in blockchains and the Blockchain Observatory. The latter have declared to the local media ABC that they want to underline to the deputies „the important role of cryptomoney today“.

„It is likely that some of our leaders already have some experience in the use of encryption. However, we would like those who are not yet familiar with them to have the opportunity to become so. „Miguel Caballero, founder of Tutellus.

This is an interesting initiative, especially considering that Spain is one of the European countries with the highest adoption of cryptomoney. Indeed, the study „How Common is Crypto? „study by Katharina Buchholz revealed that 10% of the Spanish people questioned had already owned or used cryptosystems.

An operation pumped on the U.S., but which lacks meaning

This operation does not come out of nowhere. It comes only a week after a similar initiative in the United States called „Bitcoin for Congress“. Thus, the equivalent of $50 in cryptomoney was distributed to U.S. Congressmen, with the same desire to educate decision-makers about these new technologies.

In view of the American initiative, the Spanish operation is starting to look like a bad publicity stunt. Although the operation emphasizes the will to „familiarize the MPs“ with the cryptosystems, in practice, they will have a hard time using their (unique) Bitcoin euro.

Indeed, the amount distributed does not even cover the average transaction fee that an unwary newcomer would pay using a consumer wallet, currently around 2 dollars, according to Bitinfochart data.

Com‘ campaign or real will to democratize cryptomoney? The objective of the initiative is still unclear. Let’s hope, however, that it will not have negative consequences on MPs!

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